Arthritis Drug May Fight Diabetes

December 7th, 2009 by admin

A commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory arthritis drug, salsalate, has shown promise as a treatment for Type 2 diabetes, new research has found. 

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  1. Medical Doctor M

    Canadian doctor disgusted by US health care system and ignorance towards universal health care.?
    Hi, I am an internal medicine doctor form Canada. I started to work at a US hospital and unfortunately I will be going back to Canada because I refuse to let insurance profit hungry companies decide how I treat my patients.
    Before you say something ignorant, please take the time to read the facts below and then come to your own judgement:
    1)Canada spends less on health care than US and yet has a higher life expectancy, lower infant mortality and better health in general.
    2)Most doctors in the United States rather have universal health care system. Now do you think the doctors who have had 11 years of schooling and are generally very intellingent people wrong?
    3)Universal health care is NOT socialized health care, you have to get that through your head. In Canada, family physicians have PRIVATE practices, but are paid by the government and not insurance companies.

    * 10 minutes ago
    * – 3 days left to answer.

    Additional Details

    2 minutes ago
    Important considerations:
    1)Canada regulates drug companies, which makes drugs much cheaper than America
    2)In Canada when you go to the hospital/ physician, you are not asked "do you have insurance?" "you should call the insurance companies and find out whether you are covered ?" because You are covered for everything in Canada.
    3)People are NOT dying because of "long wait" times. This is the biggest myth people have about Universal health care.
    4)One day you will hit your fourties and you will start to get lower back pain, arthritis, osteoprosis, cancer, diabetes. Have fun fighting insurance companies then.
    5)Have you ever thought about why Americans sue their doctors 4X as their Canadian counterparts? (hint : may be it has to do with Universal health care and the quality of health care that comes with that)
    6)More people actually saw physiciasn in Canada last year/500 ppl than the US!!
    7)30% of ur $ goes to beaurocracy involved in private insurance companies compared to 2% in Canada.
    8)Canadian doctors will not make their patients run back and forth to do insane amounts of MRI, X-rays, and other useless exams when not needed. This is much more convenient to patients. However, in the US, my collegues are in the habit of ordering exams not to find out whats wrong with the patients, but to have the exams in their own records just in case the patient comes back and sues them. DISGUSTING SYSTEM.

  2. ThePhantom

    According to the World Health Organization the American Medical Care system ranks 37th. The Canadian system has a higher rating but I am anxious to learn more about the top three systems in the world.
    References :

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