Effects of Thyroid Disease

January 5th, 2010 by admin

Thyroid disease can affect the body’s metabolism, growth, weight, temperature and energy level.

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The only way to determine whether your thyroid levels are too high (hyperthyroidism) or too low (hypothyroidism) is by a TSH thyroid blood test. You can perform this test at home yourself with a certified lab test you can order right here online. You can perform this simple test at your convenience right in the privacy of your own home.  This home test does not substitute a doctors care but will help you determine whether you need to follow up with your doctor or not.  Take control of your health – go get tested now ! (TESTCountry Ad Below.)

  • Complete thyroid package
  • No doctor’s referral necessary
  • Private and confidential
  • Results sent to you usually in 24 hours
  • Licensed medical professionals
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  1. fringatoon

    iv got …
    iv got hyperthyroidism and all i seem to be able to do is keep my wait at the same all the time… its anoying cause iv got constant head acs and find it dificult to type :S
    im used to it now but iv not got it to seriusly tbh

  2. Skyehook

    @calyn22 Calyn, …
    @calyn22 Calyn, lots of males have thyroid gland problems. Check out some more of the symptoms chiropractors on youtube say, & if you are able to, please see a chiropractor. You must have some kind of symptoms you aren’t liking or you probably wouldn’t have been checking this out. Some chiropractors will give you a discount price or free if you can’t afford them. CALL a few. 🙂 Also, see if there’s a chiropractic college near- low prices, great service! Please make some calls, ok? They care!

  3. calyn22

    wow! that said like …
    wow! that said like me i got a high hair line and way 98 pound and im 15 and my feet are like in a size 6 and my hand are ever small but ima boy so i dont think i got that…

  4. ArcherAdams

    Thyroid Disease

    Thyroid Disease
    Thyroid Cancer Support Group.
    A Forum to Discuss and share advice on Thyroid Cancer … asking any question with

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