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May 8th, 2010 by admin

ADMIN Posted this very relevant video to help spread awareness:

Inspired after a friend told me last week he is HIV positive. Do not wait until you HAVE to or because you need a reason to. Do it because you love yourself and you want to remain healthy with or without a partner. As gays, we are more at risk. Go get tested now, and you wont regret it later! PEace out!!! Contact me: Personal Email: couver87@gmail.com Twit: Twitter.com/couver87 Facebook: www.facebook.com/couver87 Fan page:

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Go Get Tested Now

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  1. Videonerd1616

    lmao no offense but …
    lmao no offense but i kinda wanted you to trip because that would be so funny but again no offense

  2. DaneTSWB

    @Dancingfool721 …
    @Dancingfool721 John Smith pretty much said it, but theres one other major route of transmission of HIV (its especially bad in third world countries) known as vertical transmission where an infection is passed from an infected mother to child during birth. Thankfully there are antiretroviral drugs which do significantly decrease the chance of this occuring in developed countries.
    Kudos to couver for the video! Its great to see there are other young gay guys out there passionate about health.

  3. IvanTheCountertenor

    Nice Shades, have …
    Nice Shades, have burberry ones like those XD, pulling off an ijustine as well now i see!

  4. bbbfire

    prob a bit late in …
    prob a bit late in commenting I liked the idea of you doing a vid like this because its seems like a lot of gay and bi guys dont care about themselfs or anyone else and all they want is one night stands with un protected sex and thats the main reason that H.I.V is big the the gay and bi comunity there are other groups that are at higher risk than us yet they can still give blood but we cant your thoughts on that? blessings of love and light

  5. HIVVideos

    If it’s not a test …
    If it’s not a test for “AIDS” and not a Blood Test for “HIV” but rather a non specific antibody test why would you encourage people to take an unreliable test? Do you realize that this can cause millions of people to be misdiagnosed based on frequent false positive and PPV of low risk setting? Nuns have tested positive. Dogs have tested positive on these fraudulent antibody tests. see youtube user HouseofNumbers and TheHealthRanger

  6. kevkajdas

    Gays are at a …
    Gays are at a greater risk?… If I recall, there are more straight people with AIDS/HIV than gays, I think on both percentage and population… How are we at “more risk”?

    However, I do like that you’re putting this out there. It’s important, not just for gays, but for straights and bis as well.

  7. hadohl

    @SummerSnowTv was …
    @SummerSnowTv was the result good?

  8. skrinklebaby

    Is that the ASU …
    Is that the ASU health center? I’m pretty surprised that you weren’t on hold for like 2164124291 hours. Haha

  9. SummerSnowTv

    Got tested two days …
    Got tested two days ago 🙂

  10. redsary42

    @Couver87 That is …
    @Couver87 That is true, I think it’s attributed to the large transition gap, where open homosexuality skyrocketed, but the knowledge of AIDS was little-to-none. At that point homosexual males didn’t worry about pregnancy, and therefore felt less inclined to use protection. However that ‘gap’ is slowly falling, and homosexuals are closer to the “mean” of those with STD’s, with African American Males falling close behind.

  11. myceliumful

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  12. myceliumful

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  13. myceliumful

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  14. myceliumful

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    With my caress, and all the faith,
    You’ll forget how to frown.

  15. myceliumful

    hey i so love ur …
    hey i so love ur videos lol i dreamed sumfin cool i was in a restaurant and u came in and we talked and guess what? i kinda solve sum of my probs… its really mysterious.. erm its not much but i made this peom once, its just that i didnt gave it to anyone, ill be dedicating this to u johnkun 🙂

  16. dogvom

    @Couver87 And …
    @Couver87 And sharing needles, of course.

  17. tubetdsman

    Here, in Brazil, we …
    Here, in Brazil, we have the “CTA” (Test and Advice Center) spread throughout the country.
    Is simple! Just go to one of those CTAs, give your I.D and make test of HIV,Siflis, Hepatitis B and C.
    It takes 30 minutes and is for free.

    Love u, Couver! (Sorry my Bad English :S)

  18. PleaseDieQuietly

    Aww! You’re …
    Aww! You’re beautiful! Such a trend-setter 🙂
    Definitely a good cause!
    Also, I knew your name before, but I’ll not on it this time because you mentioned it haha!
    John and Smith are like, the two most general names used in existence. Like, you know what I mean?
    It’s not a bad thing, just there would be so many of you running around! haha! <3

  19. Christhecooldude1234

    This is great! It’s …
    This is great! It’s just that easy, so refreshing to see someone taking a stand and showing us all how its done. Way to go!

  20. Dancingfool721

    Well I dated …
    Well I dated someone breifly who was HIV positive and we kissed and that was the extant of it……..is there a possibility I could have it? there was no bloos or open sores involved.

  21. BrokenCondoms1

    if you like this …
    if you like this video check out brokencondoms1 the fuckups

  22. 144md

    love it :]]]]

    love it :]]]]

    getting tested after unprotected sex 🙁

  23. redsary42


    Any blood-blood contact. (Such as using used Needles, Kissing with open sores)
    Blood Transfusions – (In America the risk is less than 1%)

    Rinsing/Blood infested Water (Like if someone infected hits their head on the bottom of a pool.) – HIV can survive in water for only a few moments, even less in chlorinated.

    Eating food that has been pre-chewed by an HIV-infected person. (Ew.)
    Being bitten by a person with HIV.
    -And Contact between broken skin, wounds, or mucous membranes.

  24. ZackStunnin

    This is seriously …
    This is seriously no joke. Getting tested is the best thing you can do for your body EVEN if you practice safe-sex and EVEN if you have a long standing partner. Consider getting tested together. You may be being loyal, but you never truly know what your partner is up to, and condoms don’t always work, especially if your using a brand you pick up at a night club. And remember you can still become positive by performing oral without protection. Be safe. Be smart. Be free.

  25. ErklaerMirDieWelt

    @Xelphiel in …
    @Xelphiel in germany its only free if you are a student/without a job etc and do it at the public health department. normally it’s about 15€, but your health insurance pays for it.

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