Understanding Menopause (Menopause #1)

July 20th, 2010 by admin

Every woman goes through it, yet many don’t discuss this natural time of life. Learn more about menopause in this video.

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  1. Srhandel

    I just started …
    I just started having ‘hot flashes’ last week and I thought I was having a heart attack. It was so bad my arms were numb and I felt like I was having an out of body experience. My heart was pounding and I started hyperventilating. It’s a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

  2. FinCups

    thankyou that was …
    thankyou that was great . . .

  3. ContinentalArmy1776

    There is a woman at …
    There is a woman at work who is going through menopause and she is a complete wacko.

  4. DannySmith300

    i am a boy and i …
    i am a boy and i suffer from menupause desease. i have cold and hot flashes and im not a girl but the symtoms i have are said here. is there a cure? :'(

  5. DrErika

    This is a terrific …
    This is a terrific explanation but it leaves out the most important part of this time in a woman’s life. She can supplement with bioidentical hormones to replace the progesterone she is lacking. See your Doctor of course and find someone who understands bioidenticals.

  6. antniemi

    So on top of hot …
    So on top of hot flashes, decreased libido, insomnia and night sweats, we get mood swings, irritability and depression topped with major hormonal fluctuations?
    Oh great. Thanks for the info, now I know when not to get close to women. I’m also reconsidering of ever getting married 🙂

  7. KobeSpawn

    thank GOD i’m not a …
    thank GOD i’m not a woman. And my prayers are with any man who has to go to deal with this situation. The woman becomes unreasonable, crazy, psychoish and suicidal all in one time period. On top of that, most women are crazy to begin with, but during this time its just a living hellish nightmare that seems to never end.

  8. tombradyfan7594

    wow I got 6 years …
    wow I got 6 years before i hit menopause thank God I’m Patty 34 hurry up 6 years

  9. lindsie8888

    i am scared to have …
    i am scared to have my peirod i meen i am ten and i am ready for this omg

  10. Kgarcia607

    lol 🙂
    lol 🙂

  11. Kgarcia607

    I agree completely.
    I agree completely.

  12. hotflashfreedom

    menopause can be …
    menopause can be gotten through with minimal damage to our well being. From the beginning of perimenopause through the process’s completion, let’s take care of ourselves and try an all natural product to limit the stress of the common symptoms. thanks for the video!

  13. ransisua

    Geez, even that …
    Geez, even that doctor is menopause. ROFL.
    Hmm, She is an internist? I thought it should be gynecologist one.

  14. shitzulovey

    I cried all night …
    I cried all night last night for no reason at all, my co-workers tried to comfort me but I felt so down and I could not stop the tears, I do not want a drug but I do want to feel like the old me again, the happy me.

    I am thinking of trying seratonin, has anyone here tried it and did it help????

  15. TotemSaint

    I’m glad this was …
    I’m glad this was posted because information is good. An MD’s office, however, is the last place you should go to talk about natural processes. MD’s are good at crisis ONLY. Disease and injury are their training. Menopause and other cyclical things are better handled by real health care professionals: Acupuncturists, homeopaths and chiropractors for starters. These people have real training about body function, not just drug and surgery work.

  16. bostero1

    So in other words …
    So in other words the irrational, illogical and unreasonable nature of a woman just gets worse? great… Thanks for sharing, I’m going to go brace myself now.

  17. Misanthropy83

    Lets give menopause …
    Lets give menopause a round of menoplause!

  18. donnaphillippierre


  19. ohussein22

    good posting
    good posting

  20. delicateblu

    Good information on …
    Good information on this topic, thanks.

  21. 1Miriam

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your post hhsw8, it encouraged me to read more widely about the topic. I looked up your book reference on the net and can see the point Beth Rosenshein is making. Of course there is also the great Chinese traditions of medicine and acupuncture to explore too. We are most certainly duped by drug companies wanting to make profit.

  22. jdbrown371


  23. hhsw8

    Menopause is …
    Menopause is unhealthy. Look up a book called preventing menopause as one example. We used to live to only 40 or 50, but now that we live much longer menopause is dangerous. We are drugged by a drug industry that doesn’t want us to stop ovarian failure. But stopping ovarian failure is doable and neccessary

  24. Snoostock

    thanks this helps …
    thanks this helps now i know!

  25. June

    Thanks for this great video, all women should watch this very informative video. I learned a lot from it and hope that many women would too. Menopause is a natural and being knowledgeable about it would be beneficial in terms of treating symptoms like hot flashes etc.

  26. Apple

    Knowledge is Power. As women, we should not dread the day we start having menopause, instead we should embrace it as it is a natural part of our life. What we can do is educate ourselves early on how to lessen the bad it brings.

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