Symptoms of Menopause (Menopause #2)

July 24th, 2010 by admin

Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are just the start of the symptoms you may experience as you enter menopause! What else can you expect?

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27 Responses

  1. kiribula

    @imanglo You don’t …
    @imanglo You don’t sound like a man though, more like a prepubescent ?

  2. mojave19

    Very informative, …
    Very informative, but I also wish I could take to her hair with a pair of scissors, a hair razor, and gel to give her a great contemporary medium-short cut. That thought was a little distracting.

  3. thurkey1

    has somebody tried …
    has somebody tried black cohosh?

  4. jennmooney

    at 2 54 is that a …
    at 2 54 is that a new wacky sexual position….?

  5. DrErika

    Don’t worry …
    Don’t worry yourself but do educate yourself. You can treat the root cause which is a decrease in hormones. Now that you know the cause you can treat it with bioidentical hormone replacement.

  6. sarahderan

    I’m really getting …
    I’m really getting worried about hot flashes that I have and I didn’t really know it to be one of the symptoms of menopause. Thanks

  7. tlcfiend

    @imanglo ; Why are …
    @imanglo ; Why are you here? What a stupid comment.

  8. imanglo

    the reason theres …
    the reason theres no feminists here is because they cant find a way to blame men for it….not yet !

  9. proudyke

    think how she feels …
    think how she feels, she can’t get out of it.

  10. proudyke

    Celebrate menapause …
    Celebrate menapause? yes, I’ll throw it a 3 day shindig!!!!!! WoooooooHoooooooooooo!!! 480+ periods is a drag!

  11. susie223

    ok, i think im …
    ok, i think im seriously going to drug od like dj am…hehee…..die at that age and u escape that.

  12. mysterioushands

    its just varies …
    its just varies from person to person..

  13. hockeystickbd

    I get pains …
    I get pains everywhere. Especially on my left side. Breast, and left leg are the worst.

  14. NickolasDarling

    Nice try. Keep it …
    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. WERE

  15. Prethenie

    It is not an …
    It is not an illness, but a cycle in your life. Most symptoms are caused by our poor diets. Macca Powder is the answer. A Peruvian root that feeds the body. Pass the word. Anyone I know, found complete relief. No doctors, no prescritions.

  16. NickolasDarling

    Nice try. Keep it …
    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. xc

  17. guppy0720

    Same here every …
    Same here every night is ! Constant nagging and putting other people down, their useless !!!!!!!! Useless !!!!

  18. ianmargmc24

    very informative, …
    very informative, so glad to indentify what i am now going through, can only get better

  19. 66fiveandahalf

    More to the point, …
    More to the point, why are YOU here yapping?!?!

  20. dracentsparkle

    Thanks for the kind …
    Thanks for the kind sharing

  21. pilgor87

    my mom has …
    my mom has menopause cant stand it i cant stand it

  22. tyhurst27

    I understand these …
    I understand these symptoms but the breast pain that happens in one breast switching to the other pains are so painful to the point I have to take pain reliever. I would love to know what else I can do to eleviate this side effect of peri- menopause.

  23. Eldritchard

    Thank god, now all …
    Thank god, now all she needs to feel better is for me to lie nder her and swing her round on a tire swing(watch the vid and youll see) finaly all that mindless shouting will stop

  24. fajfred

    Thanx for posting. …
    Thanx for posting. I know now I am not crazy just going through a crazy period. No pun intended. I loathe what is happening to me. I use to be such a sexual vibrant person. Now all I want to do is eat and sleep. Aging sucks eggs! I have screwing in my mind, then my mind says….settle down girl, you do not want sex at all. Now my husband is left out. I am quite sure that’s one of the reasons they go looking for younger stuff. I don’t blame um’

  25. crangdaniel

    cause and reaction. …
    cause and reaction…. pal=)

  26. James

    Thank you for the information. I think my wife is having premature menopause. She’s just in her late 30’s but have had shown signs of menopause and is irritable lately. Well, I guess I just have to be patient and support her if ever it is indeed just menopause.

  27. Raina

    the upside of menopause would be, not going though the monthly period!!!


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