How to Lower Your Triglycerides Levels (See VIDEO Below)

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Triglycerides can build up on the walls of your arteries and raise your risk for having a stroke, heart attack or developing heart disease. Becky Captain, RN, BC, FNP-C, nurse practitioner with Cardiovascular Consultants of the St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute, explains how lowering your triglyceride levels can benefit your cardiovascular health.

Triglycerides are a fatty substance within the blood stream (bad cholesterol). They often come from the things we eat: starches, carbohydrates, and the simple sugars consumed on a regular basis. Triglycerides levels can be lowered by decreasing these items from the diet, raising activity and aerobic exercise most days of the week, and by increasing the amount of omega-3 fish oils consumed on a daily basis.

Becky also explains several new insights in plaque development and answers many questions regarding coronary heart disease. Today we know that plaque starts inside the lining of the artery wall before protruding into the artery and eventually blocking blood flow. Plaque in the artery is much like a zit, in that it becomes inflamed, festers, and will eventually burst. When it bursts it will explode into the interior of the artery. This burst is what causes cardiac attack or death.

It is important to have all the risk factors under control in order to prevent the plaque from bursting. Regular aerobic exercise is the number one way to ensure you have a thick cap over your plaque. This thick cap will help keep the plaque from bursting, and keep you away from risk of cardiac problems. If you suffer from heart risk factors, it is strongly recommended that you see a health care provider. A cardiac scan may be necessary in order to determine if you have calcified plaque deposits in your heart arteries. An angioplasty or stent or open-heart surgery, you have plaque in your arteries. If you do have plaque, you are at risk for developing heart events. For more information go to




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Tips on How to Lower Triglycerides Levels:

-Dietary Modifications – No more than 150 grams of Carbohydrates daily


-Start or Increase Exercise 30-45 minutes daily for 3-4 times weekly


-Omega 3 Fish Oil – 3,000-6,000mg daily


-Prescription Medications

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  1. omnipotent1995

    I had a blood test …
    I had a blood test not too long ago and I was found to have a high triglyceride count. If you want to see what I look like, I have a video of me in my videos. Is this a dangerous thing to have?

  2. hothiphoptracks

    I found a …

    I found a blog with a good amount of information on cholesterol, triglyercides, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. It has reviews and links on some good products and for one that you don’t need a prescription for and that also shows proven results within 90 days.

    bit . ly/ 9avoq7

    remove the spaces.

  3. UHF333

    @dinamore2005 – …
    @dinamore2005 – your explaination make sense but why do doctors give statins to lower LDL if triglycerides is the root? does it work other way around also?

  4. dinamore2005

    triglyceride is …
    triglyceride is VLDL which convert in liver to LDL which is the bad cholestrol so triglyceride is the father of LDL (bad cholestrol)

  5. moonwarrior5

    can you have high …
    can you have high cholesterol and normal triglycerides.

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