Colon Cancer Awareness – Go Get Tested Now !

October 27th, 2010 by admin

As many of you know, I lost my husband Jay to colon cancer ten years ago. Since then, colon cancer awareness and prevention has been a cause near to my heart. I’ve had lots of help through the years from some recognizable faces who have loaned their talent for Public Service Announcements about the disease. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and this video will hopefully serve as a reminder to all of you–go get screened! Thanks for watching.

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Go Get Tested Now

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  1. choidj

    I am going to go to …
    I am going to go to the doctor’s, but for the mean time, can anyone help me? I have continuous non-stop stomach pain, some fatigue and also I have a little diarrhea. Thanks.

  2. AetiusPraetorian

    Also remember that …
    Also remember that hemorrhoids can cause bleeding as well. And yes, the US health care system is almost at the bottom of the list of global health care systems, unless you have lots of money. Sad…but true.

  3. KenyanObama

    Teleprompter expert …
    Teleprompter expert Katie Couric should be deported to a country where wild dogs run freely, and free dogs run wildly.

  4. dcareyHQvideos

    I live in the USA. …
    I live in the USA. Insurance coverage is limited depending what type of Insurance you have. My Insurance company says that a colonoscopy is a pre-existing condition. They didn’t want to pay.

  5. pisshole16

    go to usa or …
    go to usa or something…

  6. 89tbghfan

    My Uncle just …
    My Uncle just passed away 2 weeks ago with colon cancer. so im try send the message with getting tested!!!

  7. sociablyclussy

    The best way to …
    The best way to fight any cancer is to never get it at all. Andrew Lessman’s Co-Q-10 , Stem Enhance “Yankee Blue Swamp Scum dehydrated” in a capsule , Raw living sun grown Afghan Sativa ingested. Jack LaLane cooked food is dead food . Afghan sativa marijuana is the most nutricious healing plant that is miss used. Its the Raw living sativa nutrients are the real vital healing needed for total healing in the body. This is not practiced or even thought of because of cost , less Euphporer !

  8. sociablyclussy

    Why don’t you taste …
    Why don’t you taste it , I recon if it is salty , you’re ! The smart patrol was here !!! 420

  9. EssiacHempLaetrile


  10. dcareyHQvideos

    I had a colonoscopy …
    I had a colonoscopy a little over 4 years ago. I had blood in my stool.. They found 2 large polyps and it turned out to be benign. It cost me about $15,000 and the Insurance didn’t cover it. Now I can’t afford to get another one. I have no fear ofI getting one. Just can’t afford it. I had a friend die of the diesease becuase he couldn’t afford the procedure. Our healthcare Insurance in this country is really sad.

  11. jazyskowski

    Breakthrough new …
    Breakthrough new product. Please view my video titled: 2o year old dog – no more tumors! Human and animal testimonials.

  12. xXalvissXx

    i’m wondering… if …
    i’m wondering… if you’ve been constipated for a few weeks can you get colon cancer? cause of all the bacteria in your stools staying in your system?

  13. bamagirl639

    There is a new …
    There is a new vaccine that is on the verge of replacing chemotherapy. The vaccine is OncoVAX. The company is Vaccinogen. This vaccine is available to anyone that has been diagnosed with Stage II colon cancer and HASNT had surgery. Currently this vaccine is only available commercially in Europe but arrangements can be made for the patient to have surgery in the United States, which would possibly be covered by insurance, but the OncoVAX treatment itself will be out of pocket.

  14. bamagirl639


  15. UltimateBlink182Fan

    If i out blood …
    If i out blood do i have colon cancer? plz tell me =(

  16. rennyminou

    I had my first …
    I had my first Colonoscopy yesterday and it was pain-free. No problems, thankfully.
    Thanks Katie – so sad your husband passed at such an early age and from such a horrible, painful disease. Your campaigning against Colon cancer is one of the reasons I had this procedure done. There is no reason to be embarrassed about the procedure, so let’s get rid of the stigma surrounding this life-saving exam.

  17. Onlydreamin1959

    I will include this …
    I will include this in my favourites for awhile because my partner is going through this (he’s going through an intense round of chemotherapy which is easier than living with the disease and which may save his life).You can save youself from this experience. Early detection means no chomo and a far better outcome. Get a colonoscopy, and insyist upon it, if in doubt. Something I have learned is that we have given up on colon cancer clients far too early in the past.This is treatable and beatable.

  18. LairdNicole1985

    Hey Katie… my mom …
    Hey Katie… my mom passed away 8 years ago, tomorrow. September 6th is very hard for me, I think about colon cancer alot, it is the very thing that took away my mother and is still taking people every single day… as a victim of the effects of this disease, I encourage everyone who watches your videos, everyone who knows other people, everyone who cares to stop this disease from taking the ones we love away from us… Please continue doing what you are doing, you are truly an inspiration…

  19. zezel22

    Thank you Katie, …
    Thank you Katie, you are a saint!

  20. TenajB

    Thanks so …

    Thanks so much for your commitment to getting the word out. I lost a brother at the age of 48 to colon cancer and have become my own activist. Although my approach is out of the box, I’ve had many people take this seriously and get screened. That’s what it’s all about……the BOTTOM line~get the word out.

  21. garycalgary

    it’s sad your …
    it’s sad your husband died but you have a platform to get the help people.

    It’s a great cause for a uncomfortable topic from such a classy informative lady.

  22. gacwocn

    Way to go Katie!!!! …
    Way to go Katie!!!!! Thanks for doing all you can in the fight to Conquer Colon Cancer!!!

  23. PunkMartyr

    Thats really cool …
    Thats really cool of Katie to put this up

  24. velvetbrooks

    Remember colon …
    Remember colon cancer IS NOT a mans disease!! I always thought it was. I was told at 39 years of age I have in operable colon cancer, I am female and just turned 40. I was forced to medically retire and then my insurance dropped me. I got on disability and then was told I would have to wait 2 years for medical coverage under disability. I am still on chemo and medical bills are mounting badly! Dont be stupid get tested whether your male or female.

    Velvet Brooks
    Princeton Kentucky

  25. EHEALTHisSexy

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your very thoughtful and sincere call to action!

    Lee from Florida

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