Male Fertility Test – Do You Have a Low Sperm Count? (Part 1)

November 18th, 2010 by admin

Dr Christian undertakes a male fertility test to show how easy it is to take the test.

Duration : 0:1:36





Go Get Tested Now

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21 Responses

  1. Ladyofdeath777

    @binglemybagel Haha …
    @binglemybagel Haha for real!

  2. binglemybagel


    Best to take your own – all the pages of their mags are stuck together

  3. Timcookie321

    he looked really …
    he looked really happy when he came out of the room

  4. silenthilldomain

    ahh its all over my …
    ahh its all over my jeans

  5. kungfoolai

    @Ladyofdeath777 ok …
    @Ladyofdeath777 ok enough with the mags and wanking, i get it!..

  6. Ladyofdeath777

    @kungfoolai It’s a …
    @kungfoolai It’s a common practice to take into the room with you, otherwise they usually have magazines in the room you can barrow… but I personally wouldn’t touch those…

  7. Ladyofdeath777

    Ewwwww He put his …
    Ewwwww He put his fingers in his mouth afterward!!! I hope he washed his hands!!!

  8. RosieRoller91

    @ShatteredDiscoBall …
    @ShatteredDiscoBall he’s actually gay

  9. Kinnxs

    he is so fine
    he is so fine

  10. ShatteredDiscoBall

    or instead of …
    or instead of paying for tests couldn’t he just have sex with his wife and find out for himself I mean it can’t be THAT embarassing she won’t leave him just look at him!

  11. PileOPapers

    “Collection Room”
    “Collection Room”

  12. katkod47

    he is so sexy i wud …
    he is so sexy i wud give im one any time

  13. Foothis78

    I like how on the …
    I like how on the door they put Engaged

  14. DvLnnn

    Health care topics …
    Health care topics aren’t really funny.

  15. kungfoolai

    wow no need to take …
    wow no need to take a fit fool! i was joking mate…

  16. DvLnnn

    No, he went in to …
    No, he went in to look at the articles…OBVIOUSLY!?! …..Seriously, how dumb are you.

  17. smokes2468

    I wonder what he …
    I wonder what he thought about?

  18. abzdeman3

    0:56 didnt expect …
    0:56 didnt expect that at all!

  19. 7ViTRox

    does this mean he …
    does this mean he masturbates too much?

  20. MrOnionRing

    lolllllll he …
    lolllllll he masturbated in that rooom….. yumm

  21. matman16

    So how can you …
    So how can you increase your fertility rate?

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