Male Fertility Test: Do You Have a Low Sperm Count? (Test Results) Part 2

November 19th, 2010 by admin

Dr Christian gets the results from his male fertility test.

Duration : 0:1:11





Go Get Tested Now

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23 Responses

  1. juxtapoz29

    about 3 or 4? spare …
    about 3 or 4? spare me the lies doctor you just did last night… lol

  2. moneycowurmom

    Hey, your not …
    Hey, your not Jackass.

  3. fallsgrave

    I i go more than 4 …
    I i go more than 4 days I have to change my pants when I do the deed…

  4. nybombs

    did that chick help …
    did that chick help him jerk off?

  5. soobwhale

    he wears way too …
    he wears way too many patterns and stripes at the same time…it makes me sad

  6. cupcake7679

    Every time I look …
    Every time I look at his hair it makes me laugh.

  7. elvis459

    How does he sit …
    How does he sit down for a chat with a female Doctor knowing that she knows he just had a wank.

  8. BambisaurusRex

    ‘We would advise …
    ‘We would advise you to come back for another sample’….bet you would love…

  9. iscay666

    WTF Id rather a 0 …
    WTF Id rather a 0 sperm count *shudderes* no children for me :\

  10. TheHeavyHank

    think about that he …
    think about that he did just masturbate before that.

  11. abzdeman3

    @katkod47 ohhhh …
    @katkod47 ohhhh sorry bad man on the internet

  12. katkod47

    @abzdeman3 they …
    @abzdeman3 they have obviously fowarded time you thicko duh!!!

  13. katkod47

    @hilarychloebelf …
    @hilarychloebelf he is gay write it down GAY yes i found out on wikipedia but he is so hot i can still dream and i am jealous of his boyfriend of husband whatever

  14. Jbomb8

    LOL he better stick …
    LOL he better stick to supersize vs superskinny yea, quite embaressing!

  15. AtheismandSkepticism

    Just like everyone …
    Just like everyone else in the UK…

  16. hilarychloebelf

    so his wife has to …
    so his wife has to have more sex =\ that’s bad how

  17. Mk1sple

    for the money?????
    for the money?????

  18. abzdeman3

    but wtf? how he …
    but wtf? how he so quick

  19. Voices6767

    they probably get …
    they probably get their operations/treatments free

  20. GlowGlowBeads

    that doctor is gay. …
    that doctor is gay. sigh…

  21. xyourpoisonx1

    why would you want …
    why would you want to do ths on tv?

  22. MaxTheMann

    Adoption ftw
    Adoption ftw

  23. EraserGaming

    the doctor is the …
    the doctor is the man

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