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A home DNA paternity test can be performed in the privacy and convenience of your own home. The test is just as accurate as one that is done in a special lab. In fact you will perform the test the same way it is done in the video below and send the samples off to a certified lab where they will determine the results professionally. Why do a home test first? To quell any suspicions or doubts you may have and to determine the truth in private first. If you are unsure about the paternity of a child – it is most urgent you find out especially if there will be a custody case involved. Order your home DNA Paternity test below.

Ever wonder how a DNA paternity test is done? This short video shows how easy it is. Test conducted at DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) – the worlds largest paternity testing laboratory.

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Here is a great article that helps to explain DNA Paternity testing. You can order your Paternity Home Test kit above from Test Country.


Paternity Testing – Home Test Or Legal Test?
By Dayna Trest

There are roughly 200,000 DNA tests done every year in order for states to verify child-support issues and welfare matters, but very few people know there is an easier and more convenient way to take a paternity test: at home where the world isn’t watching you. Like home pregnancy tests you can now have a private moment to determine the paternity of your child thanks to the many advances in DNA testing.

Three hundred years ago the best test society had was to take a very close look at the child and a really close look at the potential father… and that was not always accurate. The more likenesses the two shared, the more likely the assumption of paternity. Two hundred years ago they found a link to a childs family relationship through eye color. Of course with DNA advances we have discovered that the eye color theory has flaws. We understand now that there are six genetic markers, called alleles, that determine eye color.

And now thanks to advances in DNA science we can afford to take a simple paternity test at home. State agencies are conducting about 200,000 of these tests every year for their welfare records and child-support cases, and in spite of that people are still not aware that they may take the at-home paternity test.

You may only need a sample from the child and the potential father. There are several companies that will send a home kit for free, and then you return the DNA samples and kit to the laboratory with the required fee. If you need to use the test results in a court of law, a DNA home test kit will not be acceptable. You will need to schedule an appointment for a legal DNA paternity test in that case.

Since it is never a pleasant task to draw a blood sample from a small child, labs are accepting buccal, or mouth swabs as an alternative to blood samples. Tissue cells from the cheek area are collected simply by swabbing the inside of the child’s mouth. That is the sample that is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. There are approximately 16 genetic markers that the laboratory technicians will identify from the child and then they will attempt to match them with the markers of the alleged father. Our genetic markers are a combination of both of our biological parents, so a paternity test can be determined without any sample being provided by the mother. A simple paternity test for verification can be received in about 3 business days from the date the DNA sample is received by the lab.

These DNA tests can also verify other biological relationships such as siblings, fraternal or identical twin status, cousins, grandparents, ancestral and cultural descent, reassure worried parents that they did indeed leave the hospital with the correct baby, and establish legal paternity – though legal paternity tests cost a little more. These legal DNA tests are important to determine child-support matters, resolve adoption disputes, and can supply necessary information for immigration files.

Of course when choosing a company to work with, lab accreditation is very important. Accredited labs are registered which shows that they must maintain their equipment properly calibrated for accuracy, conduct annual inspections and audits, and undergo both external and internal reviews. ISO and AABB certifications are examples of such accreditation. Those labs taking the time to earn accreditation have also earned prominence and typically have 100% accuracy for use in court.

Make sure you read all the fine print and search for any hidden fees. Some kits must be purchased, and then the laboratory will charge a fee for conducting the testing and providing the results. You should also make sure that the DNA test that you order will provide you with the kind of written results that you may need. Make sure they maintain privacy. Your purpose and identity should be kept confidential at all times.

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Article Source:—Home-Test-Or-Legal-Test?&id=3707640

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  1. yerabiggerjokefool

    My brother has to …
    My brother has to get a DNA test because the girl he was with 9mos ago was also with her ex fiance at the same time, the kid is 3wks old now and he is avoiding getting one, so she might get a court order, i wonder why she is waiting its 3wks already

  2. lp000028

    most marry men are …
    most marry men are whoped . go to work pay bills, live lie. most men know they married facts that take balls to get.

  3. dnacenter

    @SuperSexyredbone21 …

    There is not a DNA test that can tell if someone is cheating. If there is an article of clothing that you think contains DNA from the person that he may have cheated WITH, but that is probably the best option available.

    -DDC Service Team

  4. SuperSexyredbone21

    Can u have your …
    Can u have your partner take a DNA test to see if they have been cheating on you like they do on rape victims to see if they really have been rape? I want my husband to take a DNA test if it is possible.

  5. ikedirty318

    I took two DNA …
    I took two DNA test from Identigene with my daughter! One says I am the father the other says I’m not. Go to my page and check out the video about Identigene. This company is a scam and has duped everyone into believing they’re legit. I have both test results to prove it!!!!

  6. brawnylads

    well, i got a home …
    well, i got a home test first and it cost $199. then, once i found out my son wasnt my son i got a legal test through them and they gave me $100 off because i bought my home test from them. i think th legal test was around $300-400.

  7. gettinggoing

    how much did it …
    how much did it cost?

  8. stunkacurtis

    I have to get one …
    I have to get one done i have a 22 year old mabe daughter i just found i just hope she is mine its too bad her mom was a ho

  9. xxkingdongxx

    Very interesting, …
    Very interesting, to see someone else do it . I just started doing this for a job about a month and a half ago. I love it!!!

  10. brawnylads

    Didn’t know that …
    Didn’t know that DDC did the DNA testing for Maury. That’s pretty cool.

    I used their service last year to determine the paternity of my youngest son. It saved me a TON of money in child support! Thanks again, DDC. 🙂

  11. 1paternity

    I read on your …
    I read on your website that your lab did the Anna Nicole paternity case, and is the exclusive testing lab for the Maury show! Awesome! I’m getting my test done here!

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