Liver Cancer

January 14th, 2011 by admin

Liver Cancer Video for Health

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Go Get Tested Now

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  1. undressplease

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    @1Mametchi1 also my username works. true story.

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    @1Mametchi1 maybe yours isn’t. sorry my bad

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    @undressplease ok, are you a sicko? and your username as undressplease? and saying i forgot penis? it isnt large and it isnt an organ

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    the skin is the largest organ….dumbasses

  8. Flair39

    @IH8CHAVS1223 sorry …
    @IH8CHAVS1223 sorry to hear that

  9. IH8CHAVS1223

    last friday my mom …
    last friday my mom told me she has liver cancer im really scared and dont know what to do she has already had cancer twice lung and brain and i dont know what it is butt i dont have a good fealing about this one i pray to god that she will be ok

  10. Uly2169

    Does anyone know a …
    Does anyone know a proper diet to cure liver tumors?

  11. Uly2169

    Is there a cure for …
    Is there a cure for this? My dad has a tumor but hasn’t spreaded he also has Hep C

  12. luveddiecibrian

    @ …
    @TheSilverwareDrawer my dad passed away this past april from liver cancer so my heart goes out to you.

  13. jodiegirl1971

    @jodiegirl1971 …. …
    @jodiegirl1971 ….I asked her about a couple million times…. HER ANSWER WAS I DON’T KNOW …..I’m furious we spent the last year torturing her with therapy and forcing tube feedings for sustainable nutrition,etc thank you for the education ON LIVER CANCER but I need more, HOW DO I FIND OUT HOW LONG SHE HAS HAD THIS CANCER?

  14. jodiegirl1971

    I must have asked …
    I must have asked my mother of 63 post 3 strokes in 8 years with the average weight of 65 to75 lbs…Mom why won’t you eat to make you stronger? so you can thrive in therapy… now we know why.. just diagnosed 3 days ago advanced not sure if primary liver cancer but the told us to call hospice and not to worry about how long she had it! but instead just help her die now…wtf

  15. KawaiiMinJi

    @ …
    @TheSilverwareDrawer True the doctor also said to my dad that he has 2-3 years to live if the things they saw in his liver was really 5-6 pieces in his liver that are cancers… the only thing we can do now is just pray for him

  16. TheSilverwareDrawer

    My dad has a 7% …
    My dad has a 7% chance of surviving his liver cancer for the next five years. Don’t say anything about how cancer isn’t a problem. You don’t know what people go through.

  17. alyaisa

    Le stade d’un …
    Le stade d’un cancer du foie est l’un des facteurs les plus importants dans l’examen .c est une méthode normalisée pour l’équipe de soins contre le cancer pour résumer l’information sur la façon dont la mesure d’un cancer s’est propagé. Il existe plusieurs systèmes de classification pour le cancer du foie, et non pas tous les médecins utilisent le même système.

  18. alyaisa

    The stage of a …
    The stage of a liver cancer is one of the most important factors in considering treatment options.A staging system is a standardized way for the cancer care team to summarize information about how far a cancer has spread. Doctors use staging systems to get an idea about a patient’s prognosis and to try to determine the most appropriate treatment. There are several staging systems for liver cancer, and not all doctors use the same system.

  19. jjojjorge

    A few weeks ago I …
    A few weeks ago I took a pain-stopper for a couple of sports injuries, I don’t like taking analgesics or any medicine for that matter, but I had to since I needed to get some sleep. Unfortunately it seemed to raise an enzyme of the liver. Anyhow, I am about to do a cancer test just in case. No, I don’t drink or do drugs. I do not have hepatitis either.

  20. decka71

    hope you all get …
    hope you all get through this sad mam died 5 weeks ago..she had breast cancer 2 years ago..had all her treatments then got the ok then sadly got this…

  21. MargMovieProductions

    Same here, mine is …
    Same here, mine is counting its last houres, it only he went from healty to dieing in about 3 weeks.. Much strenghts

  22. ACKILLER01

    Damn my grandad got …
    my grandad got liver cancer =(

  23. theyrejumbosized

    you didnt spell …
    you didnt spell organ right, so who’s the retard again?

  24. efritz

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    nom nom nom

  25. boazlinn

    its a gland not a …
    its a gland not a orgin retard

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