Why should I use a Water Filtration System and what kind should I use?

February 9th, 2011 by admin

Lately my friends and family have been telling me that I should really be using some kind of water filtration system instead of drinking my water straight from the faucet. I was just wondering if there was any advantage health wise as to drinking filtered water over tap water.

Here is an answer to that question: There are also some more down below the video.

After taking a home water test and discovering all the toxins in your water supply you may want to protect the health of you and your family with a simple faucet water filter or an even more comprehensive whole-house filtration system. There are many available and many companies that install these systems. Price around and get the best deal!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have been using water filtration for years now and I swear it just makes me feel better. Not only does the water taste better but I can rest assured that my water is clean and free of any toxins or organisms that could be in the water supply. I totally believe that you should at least give water filtration a try and see how you feel after you have tried it for about a week.
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  2. bradley h

    I will answer your question with a question.

    You trust tap water?
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  3. emucompboy

    I live in Los Angeles. The tap water here is good enough to drink. I just use a screen to catch the occasional calcium carbonate (hard water) pebble.
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