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Andrew is a very lucky man on this infamous episode of Maury! I am the original owner of this video. I recorded it off TV back in Jan 05 and I put the Outkast “Like The Way You Move” music in there and edited it back then too. Its so funny how its all over the Internet now! LMAO! Check out this video!!!!

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Go Get Tested Now

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  1. iBlackphone

    @Sarzraz read the …
    @Sarzraz read the description maybe

  2. 0TitanThor0

    @Sarzraz Outkast – …
    @Sarzraz Outkast – I like the way you move

  3. gotohemp


    New …

    New Orleans, Memphis, Detroit, Jackson. All of these cities have one thing in common, namely a high black population (in percentage as well). These cities also share the highest murder, theft, and rape crimes in the United States. The black population in the US covers about 16%. 40% of all people on welfare are black, meaning they exceed their welfare population by 2.5 in percentage compared to the 0.8 whites currently have.

    ” most of them…”

  4. illosion


  5. emihonimay

    @gotohemp But, as …
    @gotohemp But, as you said yourself, white ppl are different than black ppl. So what I see as many different occasions of white ppl saying things that seem to have absolutely no thought put into them, may seem normal to you. I guess this is the same as how I wouldn’t have thought much of what this woman’s saying (she’s emotional…you’re not really SUPPOSED to take her “5,000%” too seriously). It’s sad that you live in such a closed area that you would make those comments of “most of them…”

  6. JamesFlipper77

    @AgosLoco He’s …
    @AgosLoco He’s happy; he doesn’t have to pay child support.

  7. emihonimay

    @gotohemp Well, I …
    @gotohemp Well, I wasn’t even talking about white ppl who try to act black (don’t even get me started on that. It’s one thing if you’ve grown up around black ppl and are naturally like that, but to put in extra effort to dumb yourself down to “act black” b/c it’s “cool” or whatever….smh). I meant that there are, for lack of a better phrase, white-bread white ppl who say the most ridiculous off-the-wall things. No, they’re not ghetto comments, but they make no more sense in many cases.

  8. xblade321

    in the back hes …
    in the back hes like “its okay its okay… im the father”

  9. tweeq

    @mrwhatever213 …
    @mrwhatever213 umadbrah

  10. gotohemp


    Yea.. …

    Yea.. a lot of wannabe black ”crackaz” often try to act ghetto, it’s shitty.
    I’m just saying a larger majority of black people tend to act upon their
    own stereotypes than any other race. It’s not inferiority, it’s just a little
    matter of evolution. I don’t hate black people, they’re just different than
    white people ( most of them at least, I know some quite intelligent black
    people who I have a lot of respect for).

  11. Sarzraz

    What song is played …
    What song is played at the end? Can someone give me a link or something :s or tell me what to search up??

  12. emihonimay

    @gotohemp You must …
    @gotohemp You must be trollin’, because I don’t see how you couldn’t know that white people say some ass-backwards shit, too……

  13. Crunchsnap


  14. Waltzuuh

    He is happy because …
    He is happy because he does not have to pay child maintenance payments

  15. filthmouth1

    i heart boobs
    i heart boobs

  16. gotohemp


    Anyways, I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of some phrases that a lot of black people
    spurt when they go into ghetto mode, which is very large percentage of black people. I know
    a few intelligent black people whom I respect, but the majority are really in touch with the
    negative stereotypes they’ve created, and pursue to be useless .I wouldn’t judge a black person
    until I personally met them, but I wouldn’t expect a good personality for most of them.

    btw, Memphis here

  17. BuriedAlive7x

    Okay so,

    1. he’s …
    Okay so,

    1. he’s not the father
    2. he know how to dance

    Someone give that man some fried chicken; he deserves it……

  18. mrwhatever213

    @Desinsectisation …
    @Desinsectisation you snow cracker. your a Neanderthal like your cave dwelling ancestors bitch.

  19. mrwhatever213

    @tweeq your mom is …
    @tweeq your mom is one for having you. you Neanderthal bitch.

  20. mrwhatever213

    @gotohemp don’t put …
    @gotohemp don’t put that on a whole race you backwards moron! I don’t know this and never met her. you snow monkeys are something I tell you.

  21. mrwhatever213

    @GowanBray WTF?
    @GowanBray WTF?

  22. GowanBray

    I find it ironic …
    I find it ironic that these people accept the findings of science in the matter of paternity, and live their lives according to its results, but deny the findings of evolutionary biology.

  23. elitefencer777

    Hahaha, can ya dig …
    Hahaha, can ya dig it, ya 6 year old bastard?

  24. krrristaaa

    This poor kid has …
    This poor kid has to watch this when he’s older . . . so sad

  25. DelphaLashayht880


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