Which Blood Glucose Monitor do you use, and why do you prefer it?

December 4th, 2009 by admin

Just curious what other people use and why? I’ve had quite a few meters by now due to changing insurance plans from changing jobs, etc. My personal favorite was the Freestyle Flash for two reasons. The Flash has an LED that lights up the strip so it’s very easy to test in low light conditions. It also ‘loads’ the blood on the side of the strip rather than the end, so you don’t have to twist your fingers around as much.

I had a One Touch Ultrasmart and a Mini but had to switch because of insurance. Was disappointed at first but I really like the Bayer Contour and actually prefer it over the others. A good reference is the Health section of Consumer Reports. They did a pretty good job of evaluating various meters. Bayer Contour came out pretty good. Not sure how the One Touch did but I know that of the 4 that my insurance now covers the Bayer was ranked the most reliable and accurate (Freestyle Lite, Accuchek Aviva were two of the others). At the end of the day the best meter is the one that your insurance covers!


Bayer the Contour Diabetes Testing Meter Blood Glucose Monitoring System- New Vibrant Pink Color

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Is there a way to increase my Progesterone and Estradiol levels?

September 24th, 2009 by admin

Hello, I’d like to know if there is any supplement or natural way to increase my progesterone and estradiol level? Currently I am trying to conceive. Thanks for your information.

Over the counter there are Progestrone cremes. But other than that you have to have a prescription for the Progestrone Suppositories. And you have to have had an 18 panel blood test done to know for sure that your progestrone level is too low for you to concieve properly. I had blood test done and found out I have low progestrone, I have a blood clot disorder and with an ultrasound I found out that I have a tilted uterus and cyst on my ovaries. NOW…with all that being said….I have to take Progestrone suppositories once a day starting on day 14 of my cycle, then when I get pregnant I will go to 2x a day. BUT I also have to take a folic acid pill, pre-natal vitamins and a baby asprin once a day. And as soon as I get a positive result I will also have to give myself 2 Hemprin injections twice a day. But you don’t want to start taking Progestrone creme unless your doctor has told you that you have low Progestrone. GOOD LUCK if you want to talk more feel free to contact me Cugini2006@yahoo.com




If you have any of the signs and symptoms below, measuring your estradiol levels may assist you and your physician in diagnosis. This saliva estradiol imbalance test will tell you if your estradiol levels are within the expected optimal range depending on your age and sex. So, this saliva test kit shall be very helpful to you and your physician in determining if the observed complications are associated in any way with estradiol signaling or not.

This saliva collection test kit is non-invasive as there are no needles involved and it is a very reliable method used to determine estradiol hormone levels in the body. You are able to use this test kit in the privacy of your home. This hormone imbalance test kit is highly accurate and saves both time and money as you do not have to make an appointment at the laboratory to set a time for a conventional blood test.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Female  Estradiol Hormone Imbalance
Acne or oily skin

Bone loss

Decreased fertility

Hot flashes

Heavy or painful periods
Irregular periods

Loss of muscle mass
Low libido

Memory lapses
Mood swings

Obstructed bile secretion or function

Poor concentration
Sleep disturbances

Tender or fibrocystic breasts

Uterine bleeding

Vaginal dryness



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Are Your Hormones Out of Balance?

September 19th, 2009 by admin

Hormones have a profound effect on your everyday health and well being. There are a number of very common symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. These home test kits will help you determine your hormone levels.

This hormone saliva kit (no needles!) will help to identify hidden hormonal imbalances within your body, either deficiency or excess, that are associated with symptoms of menopause, andropause including reproductive disorders, chronic illness and diseases associated with aging.

Saliva tests are the most relied upon measurements of the ‘bioavailable’ fraction of steroid hormones that have made their way into the tissue from the bloodstream. Blood and urine tests measure the ‘total’ levels.



If have had any of the symptoms listed below, perhaps your hormones are out of balance. This comprehensive Hormone Test may assist you and your physician in making an accurate and a definitive diagnosis. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms which are new to new and you just do not feel as good as you think you should, you could very well have a hormone imbalance.

This  Saliva Hormone Imbalance test kit can give you the answers you are searching for.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Female Hormone Imbalance: Acne or oily skin, Bloating, Bone loss, Decreased fertility, Depression, Excess facial and body hair, Hot flashes, Heavy or painful periods, Irregular periods, Irritability, Loss of muscle mass, Loss of scalp hair, Low libido, Memory lapses, Mood swings, Nervousness, Night sweats, Poor concentration, Sleep disturbances, Tender or fibrocystic breasts, Urinary incontinence, Vaginal dryness, Weight gain.

Common Signs & Symptoms of Male Hormone Imbalance: Bone loss, Decreased mental clarity, Decreased muscle strength, Decreased stamina, Decreased urine flow, Depression, Erectile dysfunction, Hot flashes, Increased abdominal fat, Increased urge to urinate, Irritability, Low sex drive, Mood swings, Night sweats, Poor concentration, Sleep disturbances.

Barb Dehn, NP, RN, speaks about menopause on iVillage Live

Duration : 0:6:21

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Underage Drinking – What Can Parents Do?

September 13th, 2009 by admin




Alcoholism is a disease – a chronic, progressive, fatal disease if NOT treated. If you suspect that your teen is participating in underage drinking then perform a home alcohol test as soon as possible.

It is your child or loved one and you could be preventing a serious addiction, traffic accident or possible physical harm. There are several home testing kits available that can be purchased right online and used in the privacy of your own home.


Click Here:

Teen Drinking Report for Parents


Parents can also use a digital alcohol detector – the same type authorities use to test drivers.



Designed for maximum accuracy – used by hospitals, schools, and law enforcement as an alcohol screening device. The AlcoHAWK Pro is one of the most accurate semiconductor-oxide breathalyzers available. This new model takes a deeper breath sample from subjects and provides more accurate results than similar models. This model is trusted by many professional organizations for employee screening, emergency room care, and roadside testing.


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ALCOHOLISM: Causes, Problems and Treatments

September 7th, 2009 by admin

What is alcohol abuse??

Alcohol has been brewed, fermented  and consumed since the dawn of civilization. Nearly 100,000 Americans die every year from alcoholism.  When consumed in moderate amounts, alcohol can be relaxing and may even be beneficial to health but when alcohol is abused it can be detrimental to health, relationships and society.  Alcoholism is responsible for crime, job absenteeism, child and spousal abuse.

Large amounts of alcohol in the blood can lead to mood changes, loss of coordination, vision, balance and speech.  The physical effects are felt immediately and become more severe as consumption increases. Large amounts can impair brain function and cause unconsciousness  and can even be fatal.

Chronic alcoholism is characterized by incessant craving for, increased tolerance of, physical dependence upon and loss of control over drinking alcohol.  It can lead to many physical ills including hypoglycemia, heart and brain damage, chronic gastritis,  pancreatitis.  Also, impotence in men, damage to a fetus, cancers of the throat, larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas,  and upper gastrointestinal tract.  Most alcoholics don’t eat properly and therefore have nutritional deficiencies. Heavy drinkers have impaired liver function and at least one in five develops cirrhosis.

Abstinence (which is crucial to recovery) is extremely difficult due to continual cravings and complicated by denial.  Alcoholics create barriers to recovery, blaming their problems on something other than drinking.  It was once thought that alcoholism was simply a weakness of will or character flaw but is now recognized as a disease that anyone can become afflicted with.

What causes alcohol abuse??

The cause of  alcohol abuse is a combination of genetic, physical, psychological, environmental and social factors that vary among people.   Genetics factors are considered crucial:  a person’s risk is 4 to 5 times greater if a parent is alcoholic but some children of alcoholics do manage to break the hereditary pattern.

Symptoms of Alcoholism:

·    Temporary blackouts or memory loss
·    Recurrent arguments with family and friends
·    Continuing use of alcohol to “relax”, cheer up, sleep, deal with problems or to feel normal.
·    Headache, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, or other unpleasant symptoms when you stop drinking
·    Flushed skin and broken capillaries on the face, a husky voice, trembling hands, chronic diarrhea, drinking in the mornings, alone or in secret.

Alcoholism needs to be treated with medical intervention or a treatment center.  Alcoholics are susceptible to cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis and heart disease.  Alcoholics can experience chronic or periodic depression and be at risk of suicide.


One of the key factors in a successful recovery is a strong support network of family, friends and professional.  The recovery rate after one year can be as high as 50% – 60% with this support.  Those who do not have this important support or have poor motivation or even psychiatric problems have less success and tend to relapse within a few years. This group struggles with trying to maintain longer periods of abstinence, reducing use of alcohol, maintaining good physical health and social interactions.

Treatment can only begin with a motivation to change and  accepting and admitting that there is an alcohol abuse problem.  There are two stages to treatment:  detoxification and recovery.  Detox is the period when the alcohol consumption stops but it does not stop the cravings and results in difficulty maintaining recovery.  Withdrawal symptoms can be severe to moderate depending upon the level of alcoholism.  Symptoms can range from anxiety and poor sleep to uncontrollable shaking, spasms, panic, hallucinations to  delirium tremors (DTs).   Mortality rate of those in advanced stages of alcoholism who get DTs is 10%.  These people must be under professional care and may require a hospital stay to get through this detox stage.

Treatment may include medications to help with the withdrawal symptoms.  Benzodiazepines help with delirium, sleep disorders, anxiety and help prevent seizures.  They can be addictive and are usually only used during the detox phase and the tapered and discontinued. Disulfirum is used in the next phase to repel the alcoholic from drinking because it causes nausea, vomiting, confusion and breathing difficulty if the person drinks.  It acts as a deterrent.  Alcoholics can be susceptible to becoming dependent again and the best way to prevent that is  total abstinence from alcohol.  Abstinence is the best treatment.

Recovery may include treatments such as education programs, group therapy, family involvement, self-help groups of which AA (Anonymous) Alcoholics is the most popular.

Diet and proper nutrition can play an important part in recovery.  Alcoholics do not consume enough nutrients because the alcohol provides a lot of calories and tells the body not to eat anymore therefore they are depriving the body of nutritious calories required for good health.  A good multi-vitamin and B-1 (Thiamine) are an important part of the detox program.

The following remedies will aid in recovery:
·    Avoid people and places where alcohol is consumed readily
·    Join a self-help group
·    Ask family and friends for help and support
·    Get involved in positive activities: church, volunteer, new hobby, etc.
·    Exercise!  This promotes positive “feel good” brain chemicals


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Do-It-Yourself Home Medical Test Kits.

September 6th, 2009 by admin

Today there are so many reasons for patients to seek out the do-it-yourself home medical testing kits.  Paternity DNA testing, ovulation and pregnancy, disease and STD testing, hormone imbalance, teen drug and alcohol screening, just to name a few.

With today’s innovative healthcare technologies, more and more people around the world have access to determining their own state of health and disease.   The main reasons patients self test are curiosity and the need for a second opinion.  Patients want to know if there is a medical problem or they may have a need to know what the various symptoms that they are experiencing mean.  It has never been easier to go get tested now!

In today’s instant gratification and do-it-yourself world – medical and laboratory testing is no exception.  The internet has been a wonderful tool for anyone seeking medical information.  Although care must be taken to insure that the websites giving medical information and advice are authority driven websites.  With all the information available it can be easy to misdiagnose an illness or be misled into thinking that nothing is wrong when there could be a serious underlying medical condition that can only be determined with a trained doctor.  The medical information found on the internet should not be a substitute for actual medical care by a physician.

There are at-home do-it-yourself test kits available for many, many, health related and serious medical conditions.   The patient community now has access to determining whether they have a specific disease or illness with the use of a DIY test kit that can simply be ordered online.

* Women have been able to confirm a suspected pregnancy by simple DIY test kits for many years.  In the fertility arena in recent years, women have been able to pinpoint ovulation and a variety of hormonal imbalances to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy.

*A popular television program has made it commonplace to determine with pinpoint accuracy (via the use of DNA and genetic testing) the paternity of a child when the mother has had multiple partners and is not sure who the child’s father is. This test can now be done discreetly at home.

*Parents are now able to use a drug test kit to test their teens for drug and alcohol use as well as steroid use which could potentially avert a serious addiction.

*Hormone imbalances can now be detected easily with a home test kit.  This is important for many illnesses and conditions as well as for PMS sufferers and women dealing with menopausal symptoms.  A simple hormone imbalance can mimic a serious disease  when in fact there is none.  Appropriate treatments can then be planned with your physician.

Now the medical technology comes to the hands of the entire patient community.

The tests kits are just as reliable as the tests done by medical laboratories because many of the DIY test kits are sent to those very same labs for analysis.  Some tests offer instant results (such as the dip-stick type of tests for urine) but many (cheek swabs, nail and hair clippings, etc) need to be analyzed by professionals thereby giving the patient accurate results as would be the case when your own doctor orders the very same lab test.  Directions will be given with your kit on how to perform the test as well as where to send it for analysis.

The upside is patient empowerment but there is also a downside.  The results of a paternity test could be unexpected and lead to legal issues or emotional trauma, or a genetic test could show a gene mutation that is indicative of a fatal disease such as ovarian cancer or errors in determining the sex of an unborn child.

The home medical testing market is on the rise and with the accuracy and advances in genetic testing  will continue to be very popular.  The prices are within the reach of the average patient.  Many DIY medical test kits will not be covered under many health insurance policys that go outside the plan for lab testing.  Check with your personal health insurer.

Go get tested now!

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