Been trying to get pregnant for 9 months with no luck?

December 10th, 2009 by admin

I’m 21, almost 22. My hubby is 23. I got tested and they told me everything looked good, so does that mean that it’s him that’s causing the problem? I’m only asking because it’s so stressful and breakup on realtionship because he’s going overboard. Also if it matters, we have sex anywhere from 1-4 times a day.


It can take a perfectly healthy couple up to a year to concieve. My husband and i have both been cleared by our drs, we are both healthy and have no fertility issues, yet we have been ttc for 17 months now, well its been 17 months since i stopped taking the pill, BUT it took about 10 cycles for my body to regulate, so my dr told us to count from when my periods were regular again. Are you testing for ovulation, charting CM or temps? Any of these can help you pinpoint ovulation, and when you BD closer to ovulation, you will maximize your chances of conception. Also, maybe cutting back on how many times a day you have sex, it’s normally recommended to have sex once a day or every other day when TTC so you allow your hubby some time to rebuild his supply. Good luck!


There is a simple at home test you can give your husband to test his sperm count.  If he has a low sperm count it could be causing your fertility problems and a follow-up visit to the fertility doc may be in order. Testing the sperm count and concentration is usually the first thing that is checked for male infertility.  You can order a home test kit below and perform it  in the privacy of your own home. Click on “Baby Start” ad. Go get tested now !

Men can have fertility problems just as well as women.  Lots of things effect a male’s sperm count. At 23 age would not be a factor for him but there may be biological or environmental issues causing it.  The list of possibilities includes hot tubs, smoking, substance abuse, genetic abnormalities and many more.

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