Is HIV/AIDS a main reason the government is so frantic about passing health care bill?

June 27th, 2010 by admin

On Doctor OZ TV show I was shocked to hear him say every sexually active female should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. (This was a show about cheating men I believe.) Now CDC has disclosed that one out of six people have genital herpes. Also there is an uptick in HIV/AIDS infections. Even though they say it is mostly drug users, prostitutes, homosexuals, bisexuals (and people who have genital herpes) spreading these infections, they will need all of us to pay the medical and drug bills (Just drugs for AIDS is at least $1500. a month). 

No one really knows how many deaths from HIV/AIDS due to secrecy. It is estimated almost 600,000 people since 1980’s-2007. That doesn’t include those who died trying to keep from dying ( toxic treatment.) Many of AIDS deaths are from organ failure. Before my husband and I got our marriage license we had to get blood test for STDs.(before HIV/AIDS) When “free love” hippies and drugs took over kids anything that threatened promiscuious sex became hate.

Let’s look at some other things such as men and women who do not disclose their previous sexual partners honestly. The only way to know someone is HIV negative is to make them get tested BEFORE sexual activity. As for health care insurance, everyone should own health care insurance if they plan to use health care facilities and not pay 100% of the bill. Otherwise, don’t use our health care facilities. …

Furthermore, when you see a five year old with a cold sore on his lip, ask yourself how that five year old contracted the herpes virus. The answer is his parents or family members who kiss him on the mouth. People, quit kissing your children on the mouth. …

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