Is HIV/AIDS a main reason the government is so frantic about passing health care bill?

June 27th, 2010 by admin

On Doctor OZ TV show I was shocked to hear him say every sexually active female should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. (This was a show about cheating men I believe.) Now CDC has disclosed that one out of six people have genital herpes. Also there is an uptick in HIV/AIDS infections. Even though they say it is mostly drug users, prostitutes, homosexuals, bisexuals (and people who have genital herpes) spreading these infections, they will need all of us to pay the medical and drug bills (Just drugs for AIDS is at least $1500. a month). 

No one really knows how many deaths from HIV/AIDS due to secrecy. It is estimated almost 600,000 people since 1980’s-2007. That doesn’t include those who died trying to keep from dying ( toxic treatment.) Many of AIDS deaths are from organ failure. Before my husband and I got our marriage license we had to get blood test for STDs.(before HIV/AIDS) When “free love” hippies and drugs took over kids anything that threatened promiscuious sex became hate.

Let’s look at some other things such as men and women who do not disclose their previous sexual partners honestly. The only way to know someone is HIV negative is to make them get tested BEFORE sexual activity. As for health care insurance, everyone should own health care insurance if they plan to use health care facilities and not pay 100% of the bill. Otherwise, don’t use our health care facilities. …

Furthermore, when you see a five year old with a cold sore on his lip, ask yourself how that five year old contracted the herpes virus. The answer is his parents or family members who kiss him on the mouth. People, quit kissing your children on the mouth. …

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How can I buy an HIV home self-test kit in Dubai?

February 5th, 2010 by admin


HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). It is a retrovirus that replicates in and handicaps the body’s immune defense by infecting helper T cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. HIV is transmitted through direct contact with infected mucous membrane or any of the body fluids, like blood, seminal and vaginal fluids, and also through breast feeding.

AIDS itself is not a disease; it is a condition that leads to myriad opportunistic diseases like microbial and viral infections in almost all organ systems including gastrointestinal, respiratory, neurological and cardio-vascular systems and certain forms of tumors that develop due to weakening of immune system. Presence of HIV can be detected by standard ELISA that tests for anti-HIV antibodies (Type IgG and IgM) and the HIV p24 antigen. Nowadays PCR based HIV detection tests are also conducted for preliminary analysis.

Most of the government hospitals and dispensaries offer free ELISA checks for AIDS in many developing countries. Many private diagnostic labs also offer services for AIDS detection and post-detection care.

Home HIV Test Kits:

Home HIV test kit is an important tool in the detection of AIDS. A person can be HIV-infected for many years while looking and feeling healthy, with no signs at all of being sick. There are over 37 million   individuals affected with HIV in the US.

An HIV Test is now available for your home testing so you can find out for sure with complete anonymity. HIV testing is the only way to find out for sure.

We offer two test kits-both FDA cleared:
Our fast and accurate Confidential Standard HIV Test Kit:
Confidential, fast and convenient- self-collected at home or office and laboratory analysis. This test kit comes with a detailed instructions booklet with illustrations which will take you through pre-test registration and counseling; collecting a blood sample; shipping that sample to our accredited laboratory and calling back for test results, post-test counseling and referrals. Results are available in 7 business days.


** Not all tests are accurate – Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the consumers that unapproved HIV test kits can give inaccurate test results. The 15 minute quick test kits do not provide accurate results.



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Taking a Home HIV Test : Collecting Blood Samples for Home HIV Tests

December 17th, 2009 by admin

Here is a video that teaches you how to do a home HIV test. There are different companies that sell home tests but the procedure is fairly similar for each. Order you own HIV home test below and use it in the privacy of your own home. Complete instructions will come with your test.

Set everything up before taking blood to collect for an HIV test. Learn how to collect blood for an HIV test at home in this free health video on the human immunodeficiency virus from a certified medical assistant. Expert: Taylor Smith Bio: Taylor Smith, CMA, is a multifaceted Certified Medical Assistant. Filmmaker: Doug Craig

Duration : 0:3:15

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