Find Out Your Blood Type – It Can Save Your Life

October 17th, 2009 by admin

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This FDA cleared easy test to administer test kit contains everything required to determine your blood group type and also RH factor. This is a great instant blood type test kit for individuals, schools, nonprofit organizations, government institutions, laboratories, universities, community centers and military units.

No collection training required to use this EldonCard home blood type test kit.

This patented EldonCard kit creates a permanent blood type record card for medical histories and emergencies.

Knowing your or your children’s blood type can save lives. Not only you need to know your and your loved ones blood type but you also can save very valuable time if you have a blood type card that you can carry. This test kit can do both for you.

When immediate blood transfusion or replacement is required knowing your blood type can save your life. Unfortunately, many surveys indicate that a high percentage of people do not have their critical blood type group information because either they don’t ask or they forget when the medical professionals communicate their patients with this blood type information.

The EldonCard blood typing kit uses the basic forward antibody method of blood hematology to easily and quickly provide the user with their blood type (A, AB, B or O) and rhesus factor (Rh negative or Rh positive) in a few minutes without the need for special laboratory supplies or training.

The blood type test card included in this collection kit can be filled out with personal identification information and laminated with the provided plastic sheet to make a permanent record card. The EldonCard instant blood type test kit is also excellent for classroom instruction and other educational applications.

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