Does the DNA Paternity Test they have out now which can be purchased from the pharmacy work?

February 28th, 2011 by admin

I was thinking of purchasing one to test the paternity of my upcoming son, but I don’t want to have wasted my money. Has anyone used or had experience with this over the counter DNA Paternity test that you send off to a company called Identigene, and if so, negative or positive experience?


I work for IDENTIGENE the company that makes the DNA Paternity Testing Kit sold at pharmacies. Our lab follows very specific procedures required for accurate DNA paternity Testing to ensure that your results are as accurate and conclusive as possible. You can find more information on our company on our website listed in the sources below.

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Paternity DNA Testing at Home

September 14th, 2009 by admin

Now you can do DNA genetic testing at home.

There are times in life when the DNA paternity of a child is in question.  There may be a need to determine whether a biological relationship exists between an alleged father and a child.  The genome of every individual is a combination of both the parents which makes it unique and act as a DNA finger print that can help in tracing back parents. A paternity test involves looking at the DNA of the child in order to find the identity of the alleged father.  Now with home medical testing for everything from ovulation to pregnancy to paternity – it could not be easier or more confidential.

There are many reasons that a child’s biological paternity must be determined.  A father may have doubts whether a child is biologically his or not. An adopted child may wish to confirm paternity just to make sure after seeking out his bio father.  The mother may need to know the paternity of her child in the case of more than one sexual partner or in the case of rape where a pregnancy occurs.  The courts may need to know in the case of a custody battle that involves child support payments or medical issues.   A test my also be needed to settle an estate or inheritance issues.

In days gone by this was a long, drawn out public procedure.  Today there is a better, more confidential method available.  In the privacy of your home you can now do the same exact lab test that your doctor or the court would order.  The Home DNA Paternity Test is of the highest quality in the industry and uses the most advanced technology.  The results are confidential and can be mailed to you or sent to you by email.  The home paternity tests are fast and painless.   It’s as simple as a cheek swab.  The Cheek swab method is just as accurate as a blood sample as the DNA is the exact same.  Although,  blood testing can also be done.   The most accurate and conclusive DNA test results are provided at a very affordable price and available in 5 – 7 days.

Legal paternity test, or the legal DNA paternity, not only requires accurate test results but also requires the proof of identity of each person who has participated in the test. The paternity test is admissible in court if needed for legal cases, is legally binding and is accredited by the AABB and the College of American Pathologists Proficiency Testing.   The analysis in conducted using 16 genetic markers and is backed by our DNA Paternity Testing Accuracy Guarantee. 

There are also home test kits available for other relationship tests and include: maternity, grandparents, siblings, twin zygosity, aunt and uncle, and even first and second cousins. While DNA test results for extended family relationships are not as conclusive as a DNA paternity test or other close relationship DNA test, they can support a distant biological relationship.

So stop wondering and go get tested now!



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