What are the Symptoms of an Elevated Thyroid?

November 14th, 2009 by admin

I got a blood test and it shows that my TSH is a bit elevated. My neck feels a lil swollen and I feel a bit hyper. Is this overreactive thyroid? I also have shortness of breath at night when I am going to bed. But not asleep yet.

Is your TSH elevated high (big number) hypothyroid or low (small number) hyperthyroid?? I am currently hyperthyroid on purpose to suppress any cancer and the symptoms that I have is elevated heart rate/ pulse with a TSH of .26. When I was even more hyperthyroid (TSH .08) I had extreme anxiety/ nervousness, jittery/ hyper, every elevated heart rate at rest, fine hand tremors, increased sweating, sensitivity towards heat, insomia, and I felt like my breathing was heavier at night.

Well, symptoms of hypothyroidism usually include tiredness, weakness, feeling cold or chilled, dry hair and skin, brittle nails, depression, constipation, trouble thinking clearly, and for women, heavy or irregular menstrual periods. I went into extreme hypothyroidism (TSH 162) after a total thyroidectomy and being off any thyroid replacement hormone for a month made me feel mostly lazy and my heart rate/pulse was lower/weaker. That shortness of breath you have is associated with hypothyroidism, some with the swelling.

However, your hyperactivity is not associated with high TSH levels, lethargy is. A hyper feeling is generally associated with hyperthyroidism (I’m  currently this) or an over dose. Sorry this is so long, I was confused if you are showing “hypo” or “hyper” symptoms. Hope this helps.


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